27 September 2010

What some people do in bed

Me? I take a hot water bottle to bed with me as my bed partner (aka the husband) doesn't like the electric blanket on his side. Some people, according to Curtis Brown agent Karolina Sutton, take an ipad to bed with them. But the really exciting news is what they do with it. It's called instant gratification. They order new books which are immediately downloaded and this impulse buy gives the author royalties that would not otherwise have accrued. This is what is called an additional sale, a sale that would not have happened if the ipad owner had to go into a bookshop and buy a book in daylight hours. We've heard so much about the death of the book that it was a blessed relief to hear about this thrilling nocturnal trend at the Society of Authors AGM on Monday evening. Fionnuala Duggan, Director of Random House Group Digital, identified another exciting new ipad trend; high volume sales on Boxing Day and Christmas Day when new ipads are given but have no books on them. These, too, she identified in ringing tones as that most cherished of all things: a new market. So authors, we can breathe again - The book lives on. Unless, in a generation, no one can read and ipads are just for games. Me? I still like my hot water bottle even though everyone said once the electric blanket was invented....

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