5 September 2010

Keep Snarling Lionel

Lionel Shriver is cool about a complete endorsement of Jodi Picoult complaining about the way women novelists are never hyped in the same way that men are (plain old envy perhaps, asks Lionel?) Nonetheless "When my novels are packaged as exclusively for women, I'm not only cut off from a vital portion of my audience but clearly labelled as an author the literary establishment is free to dismiss. By stereotyping my work's audience as self-involved and prissy, women-only packaging also insults my readers, who could all testify that trussing up my novels as sweet, girly and soft is like stuffing a Rottweiler in a dress."
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Keep snarling Lionel...I like Women with androgynous names. I'm writing about one called Wallis and I do not want a girlie cover for her either. Something strong and blue.

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